Near with You – it is our fund for the protection of illegally convicted

From the very beginning of its existence, the NGO “Near with You” pays significant attention to a very widespread problem in Ukraine – this is the problem of condemning innocent people. In Ukraine, in criminal cases, judges pass less than one percent of acquittals. While the courts of European countries pronounce from 20 to 25 acquittals.

A small number of acquittals in Ukraine does not mean that law enforcement officers,
investigators, prosecutors and judges of Ukraine work better than that do it their colleges in
Great Britain or in United States. In Ukraine, thousands of people are convicted of crimes
whose evidence base raises reasonable doubts. In Ukraine, hundreds of people are serving
sentences, including the life imprisonment on charges of crimes that they did not commit.
Our public organization deals with precisely such sentences, on which the indictment of the
courts was doubtful. These are criminal cases in which all national mechanisms for
correcting illegal court decisions have been exhausted.

For 10 years, our team has been engaged in lobbying for decisions in the Parliament of Ukraine , in result of which it should be created mechanisms that make it possible to review sentences on criminal cases of illegally convicted prisoners, including those sentenced to life imprisonment.

In the process of our work, we attract highly qualified lawyers, and each case that we take
into production, we give to it a relevant information support. We are doing everything in our
power to ensure that the decision on each criminal case gets the prospect of being reviewed
in such a way that the case gets a legal and fair decision. We bring each case to Ukrainian
courts to their logical conclusion in such a way as to have the main appeal to the European
Court of Human Rights if necessary.

The main task of all our activities is to obtain an acquittal for each illegally convicted person.
Andrew Didenko.

As part of the status (statutory activity) of our organization, on December 15, 2019, the head
of our organization issued a decree on the establishment of a separate unit of our
foundation, which is engaged in the protection of illegally convicted persons. A well-known
human rights activist Andrew Didenko was appointed to lead this unit.

It is also important to emphasize that our human rights organization “Side by Side with You”
has been fruitfully cooperating for many years with well-known human rights organizations
such as the “Kharkov group of human rights defenders”, the “Ukrainian Helsky Human Rights
Sector”, and the “Gromadske Sponukannya” movement of Tamara Rafalskaya.

We also visit prisoners in prisons as part of monitoring visits. We also provide media support
to people who have suffered as a result of violations of their rights and freedoms by the
Our contacts.

Phone: (093) 985-25-74

Company address: UA, 01001, Kyiv, Mykhailovsky Lane 12.

Our foundation needs your help. You can help us in several ways:

1) By bank transfer

Hryvnia account:
IBAN: UA253007110000026005052687664

USD account:
The bank account of the company: 26002052691567
Company address: UA, 01001, Kyiv, Mykhailovsky Lane 12
IBAN Code UA243007110000026002052691567

2) By replenishment of the following phone number: +380679212652

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